Established April 2012.

Similar to the old "Mom & Pop" Ceramic Shops our grandparents frequented when we were kids. Yes, I work right out of my home, just like "Mom & Pop" did.

We pour from over 3,000 molds from our personal mold inventory. Molds date back to the 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's.

You may purchase greenware, bisque, or finished products;paint in our shop, or take a project home, and bring it back to be fired. We sell paints, brushes, and many accessories to complete your projects.

We provide technique classes every month, and one-on-one sessions once a week. Check out our website, for class schedules and bookings, contact information and molds available to be poured. (Orders from the website must be called in.)

Bring your friends and family for a day, join us for a private party, or just come relax by yourself in a comfortable environment. Even if you are new to ceramics, just bring your imagination and let us help you turn a "Simple Pleasure into a "Family Treasure".

Parties are available for children, seniors, ladies, and more. We also offer an Intro to Ceramics for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Homeschoolers. Please be sure to schedule parties and group events 2 weeks in advance.

We are open "by request" so give us a call for a time to stop by and paint, or setup a private party and/or class. We have all the supplies you need, including brushes, paints, stains, glazes, and hundreds of unfinished bisque pieces to choose from.